Choose your music

Have the ability to choose your music in the MP3? Which gives different buffs. Like, rock music would increase your melee by 1? Classical would increase your archery, EDM your speed, montage makes you teleport etc. All with the happiness boost. ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR maybe not

Meh, thats my response. Maybe if you want. I dont see too much benefit to it, and constantly fiddling with an MP3 would be as much trouble in game as it is IRL.

Lets let somebody with a stronger opinion speak.

I like the idea, I think a buffs/boons type system would be cool. BUT only if it was streamlined. Like Otaku said, it would be kind of tedious fiddling with it.

But, then again, it could be as easy as (A)ctivating it and choosing your music, ya know?

Good idea all around, IMO.

like this:

(a)ctivate MP3 player
1: rock
2: EDM
3: classical
4: montage

“Enjoyed nice music while crafting” seems like Sims. Or Sims seem like Sims. Or it seems the Sims seem right. Your character can form a bond to a specific kind of music if he/she wanted to. One could recuperate from illness faster if there was some classical music playing, it’s a fact. But would I wear a Rammstein t-shirt to whack some Z-arse? I dunno, I’d just have the dummy wear it, the one that protects the crops we oughta have to play with, and scare away the crows to protect the poor zombie children.

Well, having music give buffs to a particular activity (perhaps debuffs to others) is reasonable. Classical might help studying, Techno might provide a minor Stimulant bonus but reduce skill-gain, whale songs to help one reduce Stimulant, etc. mp3 players might only have 2-3 (transferable) genres per, which could be an incentive to have multiple players.

It would also add another use to USB; being able to transfer/store music genres. Hell, maybe even having a personal computer terminal could be a thing…or having access to one.

I mean, if we wanna play with this, creating a pipe rifle while listening to some country music will make you crave for jerky and gin, and you can also develop some redneck mutations. See “The hills have eyes” remake, please. Tolerance towards human meat and 20-foot leaps obligatory.
And I get to be that girl that kept the baby. :stuck_out_tongue: