More specifically, the ability to play music, and a skill associated with it.

I know, off the bat, this seems frivolous, and ultimately pointless, but hear me out:

It would bring with it, a variety of delicious new brain pulping tools!
Guitars, Saxes, Motherfucking Amps make for decent bashing weapons!

Feeling down in the dumps?
Take out your harmonica and let your blues soul out!
It would make for an excellent morale boost.

Want to impress your lovely new acquaintance, perhaps for some money?
Take out that Bass and play your heart out!
I can assure you, you’ll get a little following thanks to it.

And for those of you who don’t speak mediocre sales pitch, heres the translation:

I put forth to you all a new, and interesting avenue of this game.
Playing music.

These instruments could very easily be used as weapons, in lue of a proper one.
Guitars, Amps, Saxophones, anything that heavy could pack a whallop

Playing music could be used to raise your morale.
The better you are at it the higher the raise.
Once NPCs are implemented proper, this could also keep them in higher spirits.

Music could be used to impress NPCs, and make them like you more.
Playing music near unfamilar NPCs, if you’re good at it, can make the encounter go much more smoothly, and possibly improves trade prices.

And yes, I do kinda want to recreate Six String Samurai in Cata.

I can imagine playing a bass in the middle of town with an massive array of weapons. Attracting zombies from the whole town* I can only dream having NPC’s joining me…

*Disclaimer: Will depend on size of amp and town.

GlyphGryph had this idea a while ago. (There’s an “instruments.json” if you don’t believe me.)

Just never actually gotten in. :frowning:

If we get enough following, perhaps we could inject the idea with some goo