Music as craft

If I am correct, current implementation of musical instruments allows random dude to virtuously play any instrument he wants. Even asleep. Which is not very realistic.

I wonder, if it is possible to add a new skill (Music) and a new crafting tree (emm… Music?) with music genres as categories (including religious)? The “recipes” could require some instrument or just voice (which can be lost due to illness for example) and yield moral boost to everyone who can hear a performance (yeah it could involve social interaction).

Also I wonder, if it is possible to add the ability to move (character) while crafting (some recipes)?

Currently musical skill is based directly off perception. It could be changed to a trait instead.
I’m against making music a skill that trains with use.
It doesn’t make sense that anyone would seriously improve musical skills after the world ended. Either they were musicians before or at best learned some basics to pass the time.

Changing it to a skill that increases with use like melee or dodge would only result in it being a grind.
Unless the skill system changed significantly, for example into a recipe-based training system that has been considered.
Alternatively it could only allow training up to like, level 3 and be book-locked (or NPC-training-locked) after that.

NPCs currently don’t have morale. They can’t benefit from music yet.

Fair enough. Probably trait would be even better.

Music play can be a little bit improved though. At least it should stop during most of character activities, except for walking and waiting.

I’m thinking that a 1 point ‘Musical’ trait would make the most sense.

Something like;

‘You have a greater appreciation for Music and have a greater mood boost from any form of music.’