Chicken Maturation

I’ve finally captured a chicken/chick. How long does it take for a chick to mature into a chicken? Does season length affect it? I’ve captured 3 crow chicks before, and none of them matured after 14 days.

I’ve also looked at my save file and the chick has “baby_timer”: -1", does this affect maturation? Or is this intended?

a bunch of chicken will become a coyote that kills everything.

This made my morning.

Every time I come across an egg, even in a building. I find hatched birds running amok. I am not sure this is normal. They jump outa the fridge and run around buildings pretty regular. I’ll find them all over a grocery store or a house that held eggs lol

Yeah, I’m kind of concerned about the quality control of these CDDA grocery stores. Not only are the eggs they’re selling fertilized, but they seem to be from a wide assortment of different birds, and sometimes they’re not even bird eggs.

It makes me think it was some weird health fad thing just before the apocalypse, like the self-diagnosed gluten-allergy craze but revolving around rotating the type of eggs you eat instead.


Actually kinda funny. It saved my toon last game when I was starving and being chased. I broke through a window to lose a herd and accidentally clobbered a few and got their meat to cook a little while later xD

I guess I’ll just have to wait it out and see if they mature. I figured the crows chicks didn’t age because crows. On a related note, does anyone know if they age while in cages (chicken cage item)?

They’ll age while in cages, but won’t mature until you take them out of the cage, move so they’re out of the reality bubble, and then move them back into the reality bubble.

Great. Maybe I’ll find a basement and leave them there while I clear out some of the city I’m in.