Animal farm does not work

I tried to build a farm and put a duck in a room of a house.

After a few seasons, the duck laid an egg, which became another duck.

Then a coyote magically appeared in the room and killed everything.

And that is why I stop building a farm.

Maybe you should switch to coyote breeding?

I want to make a slime farm.

That is not sustainable, unless the coyotes start eating each other.

Same! I am trying to go down the slime mutagen tree but I’m having a hard time getting enough blob globs so I was thinking of “raising” a few blobs.

Find a sewer plant, you’ll get on the sewer samples you need in about 15 minutes.

Yeah I’m trying to find one near my current NPC base but haven’t had any luck. I have got some great places to loot like a mine and a strange temple, but no sewage treatment plants unfortunately. I did find a sewer but it didn’t lead to anything…