Charcoal Kiln

Hi folks, it’s the first time I’ve got to the stage of creating a charcoal kiln, however I can’t seem to use it. It doesn’t have an activate option when selected from the inventory, I can’t use ‘e’ to use it on the ground (it just picks it up) and I don’t have a construction option for it (I’m construction lvl 9).

I’ve tried searching the forums and web and it’s obviously that people are happily using them with no problems so I suspect I’m being a derp. If anyone could help me I’d be most grateful. I’m playing build 1300 of the experimental windows graphical version.

It’s used as a tool in various recipes, like a hotplate.

Cheers sir, I’ll see if I can find some recipes that use it then (there are none listed on the wiki unlike for the hotplate).

Also, does this mean the kiln needs to be reloaded (presumably with wood or bones) and then uses up a number of charges per crafting attempt?

No, it just needs to be held in your inventory; the fire comes from another tool.
AFAIK, charcoal is the ONLY thing the kiln is used for.

Oh, my mistake, I read that as charcoal smoker for some reason. But yes, you use a charcoal kiln through the crafting menu. Just do a search in the crafting menu for ‘charcoal’. It doesn’t use charges.

Got it, thanks guys!

Seems like you sounded there problem already, but also note that you can search the crafting specifically for tools. If you do “t: charcoal kiln”, it will show recipes that use the kiln as a tool. I think t: is right, but I know the other one is “c:” for searching Components. Just figured that may help someone in the future.