Characters crash when changing language

When changing the language of the game from English to Spanish, some characters like some letters “o” or “a” are changed to strange symbols, in themselves they do not cause any failure but it complicates reading and understanding some things.

Do you know of any way to correct this?

(I have attached some screenshots of how the characters in English and Spanish look, when the problem occurs when changing the language since the characters in English are fine)

Son las vocales con tilde las que no te está mostrando bien en español, pero no sé cómo se solucionará en Android. En PC podría ser causado por el uso de alguna fuente rara.

Okay, I’m seeing that changing the font is solved, but how do you change or have to download a file, I already found the section where the files they mention appear, what do you do next?

Download ttf version of Terminus font and put it to this folder.

Thank you very much, it was fixed, for it to grab me I had to delete the source “.fon”