Seeing Boxes instead of text version 0.A

is this just me or do other people have this issue?
I also use Japanese as an alternative system because I’m learning/studying it.
This issue is on SDL/TILES version is there anyway to change the game language to English?

The Terminal version works fine no weird boxes but its in Japanese and I’m not fluent enough to use this for a game…
I’m i forced to learn more words as i play or again is there a way to change the in game language?
seeing something is better than boxes though so i guess I’ll either keep player on 0.6 or deal with it. lol
it will force me to get more familiar with the language.

I looked though the in game options from the start menu I couldn’t find a language settings.


OK. Boxes mean that the font doesn’t have that character.

Removing the lang folder should cure the language issue. Not an elegant solution, I know. It’s been around and we’re looking into it.