Changing a tire

Hey guys, new to the forum. I just wanted to bring up a topic of why changing a tire in the game requires at least Mechanics 2. I understand it might be just for balance, but I think everyone that’s ever owned a car should know how to change a tire. Maybe Mechanics 1 would suffice. What are your thoughts?

Because I do not tire, wheel change. Together with the axle and the propeller shaft.

Copy-paste-edit from another thread:

These are [url=]known[/url], arising from those vehicle parts using "legacy" definitions, which have a fallback in code to minimum difficulty 2. One could port just these two to the newer format, but that's a "special snowflake" approach that could make it harder for someone to tackle the rest later...

I’ve taken the liberty to submit a PR that did this for storage batteries and their cases, seeing how annoying it was, partially contradicting myself - but not too much, since these have already been shuffled into a proper category file.

Wheels have been moved to a proper file, too, so this could be done… But they’re not as straightforward as storage batteries.

From RL, changing an auto wheel does require some “mechanics” knowledge - where to put the jack, how to apply leverage, especially without twisting old bolts off, etc., - but this mustn’t spill over into bicycle/cart wheels… Anyway, this will take a while if it’s to be done once.

The thing is most people don’t know how to change the tyre by hand, it’s something of a lost art with the modern tubeless tyres of today.
Now changeing the wheel is a simple task but it still need care to do it right and safely.
I can see new PR with all diffent types of tyres (off road, raceing and normal) and different ways to repair them but i’m not sure what that would add.