Challenge: Battle Angel Alita

i didn’t know Kunstler is her martial art style…

im using CDDA Launcher to update the game so maybe i need to wait few days for another stable Experimental.

Alita hummed as she spun the boats wheel, she had never sailed a boat before but had quickly gotten the idea. The vessel, while relatively compact, provided a comfortable place to base out of and certainly beat walking everywhere.

Meet the Jashugan, I’ve been promising myself for a while that I’d build a proper boat and finally got around to it.:grin:.
It’s quite different from the usual Death mobiles since weight is such a key issue, lots of plastic boat hulls, extra ligh frames etc. Technically it’s a car that can float but that’s mostly for crossing bridges and beaching it, should be fun to travel in and I’ve got a running beat with myself if it’s going to get me killed via sinking and drowning. Despite it’s large size it’s got an unloaded weight of around 1650kg, probably one of the lightest large vehicles I’ve built from scratch.


The new lab area is amazing and crazy but still amazing! I got some nice CBM finds, a couple I need for the challenge plus a slew that are just generally good. The place was absolutely packed with zombies though, I’ve easy notched up 200 - 300 kills just exploring this area and I’m still not full through it. I pulled back to have a go at installing some of the CBMs I’ve found since they’d be useful and the probability travel will save me some ID cards.

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I think I may of over estimated how difficult this challenge would be, I might of just been lucky or maybe the megacity settings has thrown up some weird map generation. As I mentioned above I’ve got access to several original style labs via underground rail, well it turns out I’ve got access to the new style labs via ANOTHER undergrpund rail (on a different level). Considering how many scientists spawn in the new labs (with my settings, literally hundreds) I’ve picked up most of the CBMs I’m looking for just looting bodies already.

Current CBMs recovered and installed:
Metabolic Interchange
Subdermal Carbon Filament
Titanium Skeletal Bracing
Monomolecular Blade
Sonic Resonator
Sensory Dulling
Expanded Digestive System (I think proto cyborg actually starts with this and I just forgot)
Muscle Augmentation

So only 3 more to go.

Edit: 4 actually

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Alita carefully stowed the last of her belongings into the various storage spaces of her new home, she’d wrapped up the last of her investigations into the lab complex and had made great strides in being her current body back up to acceptable combat capabilities. Nove wasn’t here and there was nothing left to tie her to this place, it was time to set off.

Some minor upgrades to the Jashugan, switched the large electric motor out for a enhanced one then added a quantum solar panel and an autoclave. Still got some work to do, at least one more tank for clean water, a couple of cameras and a mounted weapon of some kind. I’m debating if I should use all the superalloy sheets I’ve picked up for armour or if I should wait and try for superalloy plating instead, I could coat the whole thing in sheeting for less then 60kg and get a nice bonus to durability but the plating has a lot more HP and is still pretty light. I’ve got enough to make a good start right now so I dunno, something to consider I guess. Managed to get my stuff whittled down to less then a ton total which is almost shocking for me :stuck_out_tongue: and got it all on board, now it’s time to go travelling!

2 CBMs left to go, Uncanny Dodge and Synaptic Accelerator. I could of kept looking underground but I was getting tired of spending all my time in the same area, time for some exploring!

Alita couldn’t help thinking that there was something bigger going on then her personal battle with Nova, him having an underground complex was one thing but tower block labs too? She’d carefully scoured the building but the only clue she had found hadn’t yielded much information. A mechanised combat suit, one far more advanced that anything she’d seen before and comparable to the tech that had been avalible to her as part of TUNED. The idea that someone on the surface was able to produce technology of this level was worrying, the idea that TUNED was somehow involved even more so…
Alita decided to take the suit with her, after disabling the defences in the lab there wasn’t anything stopping anyone from simply walking in and taking it. She didn’t like the idea of a weapon of this power being in unknown hands and it was currently her only clue to this mystery thrid party.

Got the chance to have a look around the new lab set up, pretty interesting though I think the layout could do with some work at least in regards to stair placement. Currently stairs can lead you into rooms with no way out without cutting though a door or wall, I do like how it’s been set up with massive windows though. Took the time to replace all the folding light frames with extra light frame on the Jashugan, set up a camera system, added a few more doors for better access, found and added an M2 browning and added a livestock carrier to cart around my new toy :stuck_out_tongue:
Found another power storage, happy days. Doesn’t sound that good I’ll admit but among the stacks and stacks of CBMs I’ve found there have only been 5 power storage so far and it’s been limiting the leverage my CBMs provide quite a bit. I’ve managed but more power means more options and options are always good

this somehow satisfy my eyes, looking at big, open labyritnth-like map like this makes me feel “i need to find this place and explore it”

gonna do some science lab yeet adventure.

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Been awhile since I ran into such a troublesome enemy, I’ve got no protection (apart from my glorious mech) to deal with shock damage so something that spams the sheer amount of shadows this guy spawns is particularly problematic, especially with the counters Panzer Kunst gets. I like to think this proves a Spectre outdoes a Wrath though :stuck_out_tongue:.

did you just killed Death itself?


And tea bagged it’s bony corpse. :+1:


Another tower, another clue. Someone was developing high grade, high tech mechanised combat suits with a variety of designs but knowing that didn’t tell Alita who…

Bit slow for my tastes but I couldn’t pass it up given the chance to loot one, had to refit (and slightly lengthen) the Jashugan to fit another livestock carrier without compromising the boats “outer wall” but definitely worth it.

is it just me or the robot has its own night vision?

They do iirc have a type of nightvision, the goggles are better though (thats what I’m using in that pic)

and im here just died 3 times by a damn turrets of Missile Silo at night.

still don’t understand why turrets has 50 range now, making it harder for me to travel around and not knowing there’s missile silo in front of me full of turrets.

oh well, gonna try to find that goggles.

Hunting shops are your best bet.

okay… thanks for the info.

Completed the collection, got to kick the ass of one of those hound things and picked up a Phase Immersion Suit and 5 - Point Anchor (anyone know what it does?) while I was at it. Looks like pretty damn nice armour but the warmth rating is a bit of a problem, not sure what I’m gonna do with it yet. I guess with it’s inbuilt climate control it shouldn’t be that much of a problem but I dunno if my plutonium supply is going to hold up if I have to keep it up indefinitely.

Alita flexed her her fingers thoughtfully then grinned, her body felt more capable then it had in a long time. Almost back to where she’d been before the ambush, in someways better even. It felt good to make progress with her goals after so long, still, it wouldn’t do to get complacent. She still had to find Nova and she still needed to figure out the mystery of the high level tech she’d come across…

Synaptic Accelerator acquired and installed, one more to go! I’ve sort of made it a side goal to screenshot as many of the different computer terminal lore entries as possible, 39 different snippets so far. To give you an idea of how much hacking it’s taken, I’m currently sat at computers 10 with 40% experience towards computers 11. Once I’ve finished the run (one way or another) I’ll post an imgur album with my findings.

Edit: I’ve also collected enough superalloy sheets to provide the Jashugan with a complete superalloy coating, took a while to collect enough to coat the whole boat but I think it’s worth it. It’s one of the weakest armours but it’s also the lightest by far, 0.9kg per sheet for 250 extra hp.

Woohoo, challenge complete. Took me a few runs but once you get rolling it really takes off, getting passed the first few days/weeks was probably the hardest hurdle to jump. Poor healer combine with acid discharge, itchy metal thing and leaky bionic really takes its toll. I basically had to eat only healthy food and use bandages and antiseptic constantly to keep up with even minor injuries along the constant damage from acid and scratching. Not to mention all the noisy faulty bionics really makes night raiding dangerous since you are constantly pulling enemies from outside your night vision range, I was pretty lucky to find a lab rail network that let me minimise the amount of time I had to spend on the surface early on, that and finding a AR 15 let me minimise the amount of damage I was picking up.
I’m going to carry on playing a bit more since I’m still having fun on this run and it will give me the chance to get some more of the computer records, so far I’ve got 48 different ones (and 11 in computers :cold_sweat:) plus I wanna have a pop at a shoggoth and see if I can take it in melee

Enlighten me, sensei: how do you “take” X-03(or any other) mech with you? Only thing I could do with it is unload/reload its battery, mount or dismount it, or push it. No way to fold,deactivate or do something else which would result in storage-able item. Even robot carriers from Salvaged Robots don’t accept it.