Challenge: Battle Angel Alita


You awaken in an unknown location, something is wrong with your mind and your body. Your last clear memory is being ambushed then being engulfed in a huge explosion, that and a single name that seems to make your being chime with rage, Nova!

You’ll fix your body, you’ll regain your strength then you’ll be ready to hunt Nova down.

Required Mods
Mythical Martial Arts

Required Traits
Killer Drive
Bad Temper
Slow Reader

Required Skills
Unarmed 3 (2 point in it)

Challenge: Lab Patient Challenge, Prototype Cyborg
No stats through skills
No stats through kills
Full nutrition
No (deliberate) Mutations and you have to purify any you do get.
Size 16 city, 0 spacing
No Martial Arts other then Kunstler

Remove ALL negative bionics
Locate and install the following bionics:
Metabolic Interchange
Subdermal Carbon Filament
Titanium Skeletal Bracing
Monomolecular Blade
Shockwave Generator
Sonic Resonator
Sensory Dulling
Uncanny Dodge
Expanded Digestive System
Muscle Augmentation
Wired Reflexes
Synaptic Accelerator

Well, after getting Alita killed (again) I decided to make this an ‘official’ challenge. There isn’t really a trait to represent Alitas drive for battle but I think Killer Drive comes about as close as I’m gonna get, Bad Temper because she does tend to be introspective, hung up on whatever circumstances she finds herself in, etc. Understandable but it’s there and Slow Reader because outside of battle she hasn’t been shown to be especially smart or well read, it was that or savant and savant doesn’t really fit since you need at least 2 - 3 skills to be particularly good at melee.
Possible not as difficult as some of the other challenges I’ve posted but should still be fun, if you give it a go post your stories here!

Freeing herself from the facility had gone smoother then Alita had expected, almost too easy. The… she couldn’t really call them human, the creatures that inhabited the lab had been changed almost beyond recognition but even in her weakened state were no match for her. A part of her couldn’t help but wonder if this was all part of one of Nova’s incomprehensible plans, trying to understanding the motives of the literal mad scientist gave her a headache.
Alita’s arrival on the surface hadn’t been the relief she’d hoped for, whatever had contained the lab had spread across the surface, it was just another crime that Nova would pay for.
First things first, she had to get her body fixed. The number of contained on the surface was staggering, the Scrapyard had always had a large population and in her current state there were just too many for even her to fight.

Took a couple of runs to get out of the lab and it’s been a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to luck but Alita’s managed to escape… Straight into a wasp house :unamused:. The negative bionics are really kicking my ass, I’ve not found any good medical books so trying to keep her HP up has been an uphill battle nevermind trying to uninstall anything. On the other hand I got my hands on a AR 15 in decent condition and took out a turret so I’ve been able to limit how much melee fighting I’ve had to engage in. There’s a railroad connected to the lab which I’ve slowly been exploring, with any luck some of the other labs will have the books I need, if I can get either the acid discharge or the leaky bionic out I think I’m in the home stretch.

The underground facility was immense, large labs interconnected by railway lines all hidden away from the Scrapyard residents. Alita was amazed and, if she was honest with herself, impressed that such a group of structures could be built with none on the surface the wiser for it. But for all her amazement at the architectural marvel it was tempered with growing horror and disgust with what it contained. Signs of human experiementation, cyborgs driven to insanity, deformed cloned body parts floating in tanks and more besides.
Still, she had taken to mapping the area, with the various routes to the surface it presented too valuable a a tactical advantage to be ignored.

Four labs later and I’ve got me some medical books, happy times. I’ve got access to several autodocs, I’ve found a RX13 injector with medical ampoules. With any luck once I’ve finished reading the medical books I’ll be in a position to start yanking out faulty bionics.

it took me one and half minute to understand why the name “Battle Angel Alita” clicks into my mind…

the same character that somehow horrifying to me due to its abnormal eye size :rofl:

That frickin’ film…:rage:
I’ll never understand why they tried to make her look like the anime/manga art style, it works with an animation or a drawing, it doesn’t with a real person.

:rofl: i can relate your angry with that…

i mean really, why the eyes have to be that big? its like those editing effect used in dank memes.

but the character design is high-quality though for me.

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Same reason some dipshit cast ScarJo as Motoko Kusanagi. They’re fucking dumb.

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The moment of truth… wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Failure… Noooooo, straight back under the knife I want that bloody thing out

Edit 2: Third time was the charm, now I can work on getting my health stat back into the positive and actually heal without spamming V8, cranberry juice and herbal tea

It had taken every bit of knowledge Alita had been able to glean to program the auto repair bay but after a few failed attempts she’d finally fixed the most obvious problems with her body. It was still very basic as cybonetic bodies went but it was a good start.

Best part of 3 anesthesia kits later and I’ve yanked all that crap out. Still got a lot to find and have a lot to do but the death sentence hanging over her head is now gone. Maybe I’ll finally surface and take a look around the city, I’ve been avoiding it since the faulty bionics made so much damn noise while moving around that it was drawing everything even remotely close. I could of shot them but firing off the AR 15 in the middle of a megacity seemed like it might be, well… not the best idea ever.

Edit: It’s sooooooo much easier installing bionics then ripping them out, some of the faulty ones were STILL mid 30s even with skills as high as you can get from books. I’ve picked up quite a stack while I’ve been exploring so I’ll have a few more options from now on.

i’ve never seen robot failed to do operation on itself… oh well wrong equation :rofl:

24% failure which means 76% success… and the game decide to “aight imma choose 24% failure”

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If we ever get cyborg replacement parts, you can bet some people will pay top dollar for big giant anime eyes

lemme guess… rich Otaku/weebs…

not only them, but Furry community will want their eyes to be like they Fursona (big, colorful cartoony eyes)

“Everyday we stray further from God’s light…”

and there’s no brake for it… :rofl:

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i just checked one of screenshot above and one of the negative trait is bad temper…

is Alita really have bad temper?

She trends towards melancholy and introspection so I figured it would be a close fit.

oh okay, and that Kunstler trait?

It’s the title for a user of panzer kunst, the martial art she uses. It’s part of the mythical martial arts mod.

ohh… well i never used mythical martial arts mod so i don’t know.

and whew, current experimental build is very unstable now… just opening inventory after picking up weapon crash the game.

Yeah, this is the first time I’ve gave it a try, I figured since I was doing a CDDA version of Alita I should pick up her martial art too.

I’m currently using build 9785 if that helps, its about 2 weeks old but it’s been stable for me.