Any advice on getting the launcher to work?

So, here’s the deal. At some point the CDDA Launcher has stopped working. There has been some reason at first that I can’t recall, but now it’s asking for a specific .dll file that is supposedly supposed to come with the Visual C++ 2015 package. Problem is, I’m not getting that file from any of the Visual C++ packages and the launcher just won’t, well… launch.
I’ve posted about this to this GitHub thread:

But so far I have not been able to fix that thing.
I do understand that downloading that file manually and shoving it into the needed folder will work, but I can think of only one trusted resourse to get that file - and that is Microsoft website, that, as mentioned, supplies a package that does not install this file.
Getting the file from some shady site does not look like the brightest idea ever, I guess…
Does anyone have any ideas?

Just to make sure: you tried latest version of launcher, right?

Uhm, well… I have 1.3.21, which was the latest at the time. There’s a new one released since, but there’s nothing in the change log about visual c++. I’ll try it now, anyway.

Instant edit: it doesn’t work.

You might be able to just drop the dll file in the launcher folder. No need to put anything “shady” in a system folder. Never had any issues with dll archive sites so I’d try that.