CataIcon Set

I made an icon set (.icl) for CataclysmDDA using the original .ico file that’s used for game’s executive file. I did only some minor changes, so whenever (and I think it’s all the time) you’ve got multiple builds at the same time you use for different characters or features (or just versions if you wish) you can pick one of ten icons in this set.
The reason I didn’t go with .dll is mainly because I cannot know if everyone’s Linux instalation can handle what’s inside them. The .icl (the Library) is definitely a feature I’ve only seen in Windows XP and beyond, but it’s still viewable from an Editor.

It’s made with freeware software. Support open-source and no-cost endeavors!

Because of the transparency feature found with .ICO format, the cataicon_lib is suited for darker backgrounds; I didn’t work my way through layers for the original icon file, so if you’re in the mood for some Zs over black bg, you’ve got the game.

Download: CataIcon_Set

So… where do you put it?

I’ve corrected the link; the issue with .ico files is that of size and depth (i.e. bit) so you can only have them variable if you’re choosing a different icon size and screen color palette… A bore, and I’m still gonna try and make some .dll files since I’m unable to find the right app for doing that just yet.
The link is (for now) a download of an archive containing icons packed in a .icl file, which is essentially a library file format suited for icons.
When I find a better tool, I’ll improve the current icons and add some of my own ideas.

(updated the link, 79kb of a .rar archive)//

@funsizeninja123 >> you’re ought to navigate to it through Change Icon option of your shortcut file for cataclysm.exe or cataclysm_tiles.exe of your choosing. The file itself has the icon, but there is an icon in data folder of your Cataclysm instalation where you can put the .icl file.//

I’m using windows… So I don’t have to install anything :stuck_out_tongue:

I felt compelled to improve on the original art, since an effort has pushed a new game version through git and there’s a stable build to enjoy.
The packaging again is .icl but still I will reason with a request to split it into individual icons, if any. I made this pack to look a bit retro, with the default 32x32 size onto an 8-bit color format, or 256 if you prefer.
I’ll try and improve the size in the next pack, possibly with 64x64 size and some alpha channel so icons get a different feel to depth and collision with desktop layer.

Download it here: CataIcon_New_Pack

Download the whole set (2x4) here: cataicon_new_updpack

Can you do one of a @ with a shadow bg? It woulb be cool. Simple and clean.

I cannot do just that! :slight_smile: There are many generic icon packs out there, so feel free to use 'em.
I did, however, do something that might be to your liking. The last icon in the set looks really nice on black desktop bg, while the fifth one (with green as imposing color) slides just fine onto lighter screens (e.g. white)… So, enjoy!

Anyway, back to the basics. Decideth to tend to the flock of Zs, and madeth them look a bit to my liking, hopefully yours too, so this set has a whole different feel than the first one I packeth.

Third .icl pack download: CataIcon_New3_Pack

You just gained my whole respect.

Also, i didn’t do this to take your job, i only made this to see how it could work. I upload it here to show it to the world.

I used SirHoder’s tileset zombie becuase i find it more cute and retro. I use a modified version of his tileset.

I modified the trees and other things, but the weirdest thing was to modify the dude to look like me. I have no life.

@StopSignal >> Please do take from whatever there is for taking on the forums, and make it even better. :slight_smile:

I’m doing this mainly to cut from the chase for tracks, and sometimes to chill from translating, so easy-peasy.
Still, there is another set for all y’alls, and this time - it’s a working 4-set ICO!
So now you have a 16x16 icon for your game folder. :slight_smile:

Fourth set, packed .ico file: CataIcon_04set

Oh God No! It’s Alive!

Not entirely sure if me gusta.

Phresh anyone? I busted a move towards Prospector, too. The CataDDA one is 64x64|8bit, and the Pros’tor icon has a 32x32|8 so it’s a two-piece ICO file. Check it out.

If you liked it, the .rar archive containing both .ico files is here:MiscIco_05set

By the way, if you want to take something of the tilesets and make them bigger, just copy it in PS and make a new file. Paste it, erase the bg and then go to edit, image properties, change size and where it tells you how do you want to enlarge it, select, by approximation. Then paste it in the icomaker.

I had just enough time to put together another one, hence the detail it lacks transparent surfaces, the 64x64 PNG goes in :

Named it “Cataclysm Decay”, and you can download the RARchive here: CataIcon_Decay

Instead of pixelarting with 32x32x8 format, the larger 64x64 offered some joy of width for jpeg pixel blending and highlights so I could finish more curious layouts; clumsily naming it (again) set_04:

Download it here: New_Fourpiece