Cataclysmic musings on life outside the city

Im only now realizing that the acid rain actually did me a great service by killing off wildlife, thereby saving me ammo and lessening the impact of zombie animals caught in it.

I find that giant flies tend to be both very stupid and made of tissue paper as they tend to die on contact with a barbed wire fence, something no other animal seems to do nearly as often.

Giant flies are also trap magnets. no other creature has ever tripped more of my explosive traps more than giant flies.

Bears are horrifying. Zombears are a nightmare.

Falling into a giant trapdoor spider nest is pretty scary, until you turn on your light and see only a regular small spider.

Seeing a zougar suddenly appear through the wall of your tent is a sign you aren’t going to have a good day, except that they leap around a lot and cant seem to hit you very often when they do.

It is not less dangerous outside towns.

Thats all ive got, can anyone else think of anything? Any kind of small thought about life outside the cities? Something profound or interesting, but doesn’t really deserve its own thread? Obvious stuff is ok too.

Wait, I dont think flys are supposed to set off ground traps.

I dont think so either, but they always set off my booby traps and land mines. now that I think about it, ive never seen them trigger the other ground based traps, but I always find the damn things tangled up in my barbed wire fences.

they just are so damned curious. Running around headbutting stange objects.
adorable little buggers those ones