Questions about Trapping

Hello. I was just curious about the trapping mechanic. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic area but if you set down a trap can you bait it for animals to come closer? I’ve set down traps but have never gotten an animal to bother with them. I was just curious on how trapping works. Thank you in advance!

Iirc, they used to have snares but they were pretty buggy so they removed them. Pretty much that was the only way of catching small game via traps. Now trapping influences things like pits, blade traps, land mines, bear traps, etc are used to kill zombies and other assorted nasties. Useful for hordes and such.

If you want a sure fire way to catch food using traps is to make plastic fish traps and leave them in rivers/lakes with fish in them. You can set up like 10 and catch a ton and make a ton of fish fillets. I did this when I had an addiction to alcohol and was going cold turkey (chugging a butt of wine for bionic power doesn’t seem so viable now as it did then.)

Alternatively you could leave bear traps and such out in the woods or sewers and hope for the best but’s that not an entirely reliable solution.

Anyways, happy hunting!