Cataclysm: Wild days ahead

Maybe make a trait that cost no points that makes retarded stuff even more retarded than possible and already is? Inspired by fallout, insert disclaimers.

There is this one trait , i believe it’s called schizophrenic.
It makes things pretty wild sometimes and gives you 6 points.

Here I was thinking that it made everything that was already slowed down go even slower. Surely Mr. Epic Cheese Man wouldn’t be using the term in a diagnostic or pejorative sense?

the wild wasteland perk in fallout

Like, say youd have a chance to find a jabberwock tied up in someones basement (stolen from the “really mansions? really?” thread) or say a animal starts randomly following you (even though dogs do that now…) STUFFS LIKE THAT?:smiley:

What do you mean?

What do you mean?[/quote]

Where I come from “retarded” was a diagnostic term, until folks started using it as an insult. :frowning:

Your skeleton is retarded. (Actually exists)

You need to keep up with the times.