No schitzophrenia in the latest experimental version?

First I wanna say that this game is absolutely awesome, the best zombie survival game I’ve ever played, bar none. Now for the complaint lol… Today I installed the latest experimental version, (which is working great so far, no sight of any bugs yet anyways) and I was very dissapointed to see that schitzophrenia had been removed from the trait negatives list :frowning: maybe it was an accident, or temporary just to fix some things, idk. Seems like it’s been replaced with “kaluptic psychosis,” which has similar description but it’s just not the same, even if it is the same lol (tbh I haven’t played it out so idk if it’s identical to schitzophrenia or just similar) When I first started playing this game, I was super excited to see schitzophrenia on the trait list, because, well, I’m a schitzophrenic. And I had never before played a game that includes it as an option. I felt represented for once, it was nice… But now I’ve switched to experimental, and seeing it not on the list any more, I feel… Idk how to describe it. What’s the reason for this??? Please explain. I really wish for the developer(s) to bring this option back, and I hope they do.

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You are correct, although it wasn’t replaced by it, but renamed to that.
The reason can be found in the pull request that made the change:

The simple answer is: It didn’t depict schizophrenia “real” enough.
There’s to hope that - at some point - someone will add all (or at least enough) behaviors to the game to represent schizophrenia in a fair light.

@Valase thank you for your timely response, & I do understand what you’re saying about it not being “real enough”, why it was changed makes more sense to me now… The odd feeling of being de-represented is waning. But hey, If you or anyone needs any info or is interested about potential symptoms of schitzophrenia ( it really is a disorder that hits everyone differently, so it might be a challenge simulating :100: realistically on all counts ) feel free to hit me up, I may be of some help. :slight_smile: edit: Tbh, IMO I didn’t think it misrepresented or unfairly represented the disorder the way it was originally, believe it or not, some people’s schitzophrenia may look almost exactly like what it looked like in-game , as every case is different.


I have not enough knowledge on this topic (yet), so I don’t feel confident adding it myself.

However, information are always welcome.
Even if it doesn’t find its way into the game right away (again), it can and will be helpful when it does.

Indeed, as with most illnesses/syndromes/disorders it surely shows in different forms. I guess what John-Candlebury had in mind is to later have that trait either represent close to all different symptoms schizophrenia offers, or to cover the major effects…

Ugh I have so much first hand knowledge of the disorder but no modding or dev experience at all… So idk lol. As for sharing information, it’s a very complicated condition to describe, but I’ll do my best. The main features are extremely diverse visual and auditory hallucinations, and even sometimes olfactory (scent), tastes, and sensation based hallucinations ( like you feel a hand on your shoulder or severe pain ) Sometimes whole landscapes will melt away and be replaced. But I have many times in real life had the monster in the doorway hallucination that’s presented in the game, as well as people I talked to that noone else could see. I think a nice touch would be if the imaginary NPCs talking to the character weren’t invisible sometimes. Voices in your head might not have names, but a person standing there usually would. Another hallmark of schitzophrenia is delusions of varying types. (Ie anything from someone is watching you or following you, someone’s out to get you, believing you’re in grave danger, & believing you’re dying (for example when I was a kid I used to believe I had leprosy because I could see and smell my skin rotting away and didn’t yet know not to believe anything) to grandiose delusions of having super powers, not being human or being immortal, being from the future or the past, or carrying out super important missions that don’t really exist. There’s also many other symptoms though, a distinct lack of motivation is definitely one of them. I feel like the constant interruptions of tasks gave that symptom enough of a life in the game-world, but maybe more could be done. Also, muddled language, misplaced words or too-fast, too loud or too quiet speaking patterns is a big one, but I don’t know how that would be implemented without docking intelligence which seems unfair because one can be highly intelligent and still be schitzophrenic… Maybe just wierder script options when talking to NPCs would do the trick.

I believe schizophrenia would still be better represented by selecting seperate traits with different symptoms if you wish to simulate it, plenty of mental stuff shares symptoms, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to make an entire trait based around an entire nuanced condition.

You’re welcome to contribute on github, just be sure to read up on it first!

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Maybe you’re right. You make some great points for sure… But it was already made lol, quite awhile ago, and is basically a classic trait of cataclysm, so, idk. Maybe more mental disorders should be represented in the game.

As for all that, it’s just completely outside of my skill set. I think I’ll leave it to people who actually know what they’re doing lol I’d make a mess of it I’m sure. Even this here is outside my comfort zone. tbh, my fiance convinced me I should create an account and put my two cents in about it otherwise I wouldn’t have made this post or joined the discourse at all

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That can’t actually happen. If your changes are a mess, then somebody will point out what needs to be reworked and may even walk you through fixing it. It only gets merged when the reviewer(s) are satisfied that it’s ready to go.

Lol @Mantar thanks for the encouragement, hmm I might just look into it, I’d have to learn how to do stuff like that first lol


Hello there fellow schizophrenic, do you really think your medical condition could be reduced to a game mechanic? i don’t think so, in contrast i appreciate that the devs changed the name to something that would fit more to the game as it avoids perpetuating stereotypes or misinformation. to simulate random hallucinations and point it towards → schizophrenia ← doesn’t feel right to me, psychosis would suit the trait more.

Not everyone who experiences auditory hallucinations has schizophrenia, and there are many other conditions that can cause such symptoms, so the devs decision to change it to Kaluptic psychosis makes the game feel more schizo friendly imo.