Crash on approaching town

Linux curses, latest build.

Game crashes each time I try to approach two nearby settlements. Seems the nearest building is a house in both cases. I had no issue approaching an office tower on the outskirts.

Terminal gets garbled, but perhaps it’s useful.

Likely an item issue; if so, known and we’re working on it. Thanks.

Thanks for the report, I think I was able to reproduce and fix this, I was mishandling some data while rotating map tiles.

I can confirm this fixed. I encountered two additional problems in the current build:

  1. Items which “expire” (marked blue) disappear when dropped from inventory
  2. Butcher (B) menu will correctly list corpses on a tile when activated but selecting one will result in a “Nothing to butcher here” message. Moving a corpse to another tile makes it butcherable again.

I’ll see if I can reproduce consistently then make proper threads for these.

Thanks :slight_smile:

How old were the items in question? If they were already old and rotten it might be expected behavior, I think really old rotten food is supposed to disappear on the ground, but not in your inventory.

So far I’m unable to reproduce that one. Everything was super-fresh since I just finished raiding two houses and came to base to unload the goods. I’ll post if I encounter it again.

Was able to reproduce the butchering problem, and it appears to be cache-related. If you’re talking zeds or somesuch where they drop other butcherable stuff, processing that using the cut-everything option lets the system find the second corpse once you’ve finished.