Crash on exit Build #630 (Jan 22, 2014 8:07:18 AM)

Hi all I just tested this build and when I Quit the game from main menu it gives an error in the cataclysm.EXE

all so when I save and it goes back to main menu then press load and try to load same save it crashes to desktop.
but if I restart the game and hit load it works fine.

Thanks to every one who makes this game possible I love it I really do.


Ok just tested the very very latest version and same issue with hitting quit on main menu comes up with error that cataclysm tile.exe has crashed or some thing?.

here is the error when i qiut the game from main menu


i can confirm on both reports. The first one is an old one, but i don’t care that much because i’m out anyway :slight_smile:

Yeah totally agree I was quitting any way LOL.

Seems in the latest build though 656 if I save and reload its fine so seems fixed :slight_smile: