Casting Call! We need Zombies!

Hello again, Cataclysm fans!

For any of you located in or interested in making a pilgrimage to New England, we’ll be (tentatively, at the moment) holding the filming of the Kickstarter reward video in less than two weeks, on November 3rd somewhere in the vicinity of central Mass. (We’ll announce the exact location as the date draws closer!)

And we need zombies. Lots of zombies. Packs of zombies. Hordes of zombies. The more zombies the better.

Bring your own costumes and supplies (or even better, bring enough to share with others) if you can. Check this space for further news as the date crawls closer.

We’ll be filming Saturday, November 9th, and running from noon (probably mostly planning and makeup prep for the first hour or two, and grabbing a quick lunch) for as long as it takes - possibly until 6 or 7pm. We’ll be tentatively meeting up at 711 W Boylston St, Worcester, MA 01606, although we’ll be actively moving around once filming starts. You don’t have to be there the whole time to participate, but it will likely make finding us a bit easier. It’s the parking lot between a Burger King and Banana Joe’s.

For any and all questions, to arrange transit, and to get up-to-date changes to plans or locations, post here.

If you find yourself helplessly lost in Worcester, you can reach me (or whoever is manning the phone while I’m being filmed) at 401-481-1750 on the day of.

And be careful out there folks - there are Dark Days Ahead.

Dammit! I had to move to Europe

Good luck guys!

(someone use a zombie Ed costume)

Hmm… I believe this must be a sign from the heavens. I live in central Massachusetts, my birthday is November 3rd, I get home from vacation a day before, and… Well that’s it, but it’s still significant! I am interested, and would like to know what you had in mind right now for costumes. Like, make-up, ripped clothing, prop organs, etc.?

Knowing Cataclysm, this is going to end in drug busts. Anyone got dibs on cosplaying as a pile of dead drug dealers?

Hm… I live here in the middle of New England. It’s a big place.

I’m in CT. I’d be interested in heading up and playing zombie if someone can help me out with transportation.

Edit: I suggest a dedicated carpooling thread. It would definitely help get more people up there.

Curse our absurdly large country!
I’m just over in Milwaukee, which seems like it should be relatively close, but it’s around a thousand miles. (also, stupid lakes, what’s so great about em?)

I live in Englund. Tu lund ‘o teh Brits!
Toopin’ un e yoarkshire aeccant us haurd.

I actually live right in central mass in a town named agawam so id love to come and dress up itd be great to meet you guys too, youve devoted sooo much time into making cataclysm as great as it is and i be the least i could do to help :slight_smile:

I would love to take part. Unfortunately, I would be unable to get back home in time to work on the 4th. It would be just plain impossible for me to attend anyway at this short a notice too.

Have fun and avoid recruiting moose into your cast.

how many of you guys live in central massachussetts?

you might want to post this on craigslist (note that its unpaid) and you may want to see if there are any walking dead tv show forums you can post this on.

i would love too, no wait. i would die to be there. but sadly school dosent allow for holdiday breaks ;__;

Huh, I actually live right in the middle of NE for the next six months. But I must decline as I think the temptation to take your lunch money/punch your shoulders would be too great IRL. NERDS

Looks at zombie outfit on the wall and dies a little inside
Unfortunately I’m stuck in Canada. Good luck to any of you that can make it.

Et tu brute? I’m not in the timeframe or location. I could do a few solo videos here.

[quote=“John Candlebury, post:2, topic:3622”]Dammit! I had to move to Europe

Good luck guys!

(someone use a zombie Ed costume)[/quote]

Wait, me?

Crap why am I all the way up in Ontario?? I would TOTALLY do this. I’ve already got a zombie scientist costume from the zombie walk my city had last year, I’d just need some antlers and green hair dye. Boooo.

There are other ways I can contribute again in the future, and be damned if I won’t.

Wish I had a possibility to join you.
Sadly, I’m in Russia.
And that’s terrible.

ATTENTION: This is being rescheduled due to flu illness and stuff. It is being moved to the 9th.

I would join this event,
but sadly I’m on a different continent.
Sorry guys…

Is there a carpooling thread? I searched but couldn’t find it, didn’t know if it was a semantics thing.