Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead YouTube Series

Hey guys do you like Cataclysm DDA role play series/ let’s play? If yes then I invite you to please come check out my first YouTube series of cataclysm dark days ahead! In this series we will be playing as playing Ron Wilson a riot officer who fled the scene of a riot that went from bad to worse when the rioters themselves started attacking one another, but not how any ordinary human would. Now he is trying to survive in the midst of a full fledged zombie apocalypse and will try and save anyone he comes across. I look forward to making these videos for you guys and hope to see you guys in the comment section, Please like and subscribe if you enjoy it for videos like these. Thank you! Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead gameplay part 1 this game is hard!!! Link to video

Maybe you should link to a standard youtube url to make people feel like it less…malware-ish. My first thought when I looked at that link mate. No. I am not paranoid. I don’t trust anything that looks off. Legit or otherwise.

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Those are the links YouTube gives you when you click on the share link button, they always look like that. I don’t understand why they don’t use the standard url you can copy from the top of your browser but that’s just YouTube for you.

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“Legit or otherwise”

Copy and paste does wonders =D

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Thanks guys for the advice I will try and change the link ASAP