Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

It’s insane, when you get to ~24c or ~75f your base warmth gets to around 25, meaning even wearing a t-shirt and some shorts (both 5 warmth) pushes you to 30 and penalizes you. Not only that, pretty much every single decently sized bag has 5+ warmth, you’re limited to something like messenger bags.

Depends on where you start out though.

Have both a woodsaw and a hacksaw with me, log doesn’t acknowledge the butcher table (or any other table actually) and just gives me the generic line as if missing everything. Save/world has jumped through a few experimental builds but only ~3 and all of them no older than 20 versions back, maybe this is the issue but I read that new release version should have no issue with old saves.

Oh well that is something I didn’t know, fabrication is so easy to level up so usually I haven’t put many points in it.

Yeah, recipes is one of the reasons why having skill points in otherwise easy to train crafting skills at the beginning of the game is actually a pretty good idea.
Also, while we are at it, take a good long look at the starting profession “science club member”. The book you start with is absolutely amazing. Arguably the best book in the game.

Someone else lost companions after update to 10482?

Based on the game I understand that americans spontaneously combust if exposed to temperatures over 10 degrees C.


Can anyone think of a simple way to completely disable vehicle spawn from the game?
To clarify: I want to disable pre-spawned vehicles, but I still want to keep recipes for vehicle parts and an ability to create new vehicles available.

You may want to look at this mod. It doesn’t completely disables vehicle spawn but author says it will be way harder to find one with the mod active.

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Already using this mod. However, it doesn’t really work for me any longer: it’s just too easy to repair those wrecks once you know how to handle them.

can migos open doors? i know they can break into windows tho

i think they dont, the only ones able to open doors without breaking are scientist zombies and npc AFAIK

Mi-Go cannot open doors…which is particularly hilarious given that their home encampment towers, which are built and heated like their home, are full of doors they cannot open/close.

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“goddamn engineers, why did you have to make yet another door type for this universe invasion? what, good old abjfdfgjopregnmtrbrtb design was too mundane for you to make? ‘oh no, who even uses abjfdfgjopregnmtrbrtb nowadays? it’s so outdated. I’d better make something new. It’d be so cool because I’m so smart unlike those jarheads’. Well, you better hope I won’t find you when I’m back home, bastard.” -typical rantings of rank and file mi-go invader.


So, I definitely remember there was an option to set map search radius ("/" in map) but I can’t find it in current build. Maybe it’s in some config file instead of in-game options screen? If so, could someone please tell me in which one?

Pretty sure that option got redacted not long after it was added.

Do jackets (such as the ‘ski jacket’) with collars confer their environment protection bonuses to your mouth if nothing else covers it or is it solely warmth?

Also odd question seeing as I’ve played for hundreds of hours by now but what exactly does hand and feet protection do? Your eyes also have no HP counter but if damaged you may go temporary blind as a status effect, are there similar negative status effects to receiving damage to hands and feet or does it merely inflict pain?

I think items that will give bonuses to uncovered parts have an entry like ‘this item has pockets to warm your hands’ and such in their descriptions, I can’t recall any that specifically refer to the mouth, though. I think hand/feet protection protects your arms and legs, since any damage to hands/feet goes to the arms and legs. This includes warmth for hands and feet and stuff like acid immunity for the feet. If you’re wearing the right boots, you can stand in acid without taking damage, after all. Afaik there are no special status effects related to hands and feet, aside from the obvious and well documented encumbrance issues.

Some jackets do if they have the ‘collar’ tag. “This piece of clothing has a wide collar that can keep your mouth warm if it is unencumbered”.

So my question is then, if the jacket has 3 environmental protection, does that also apply to my mouth if the collar is in use?

That’s what I was thinking too, though their warmth doesn’t get shared and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an arm or leg hit get blocked by hand or feet armor (though have not paid special attention to that, will from now on).

I would assume, yes, but I have no experience or evidence to back this up. And the only time I can positively recall boots absorbing damage is when stepping into fire or acid with boots with inadequate protection. Fire and acid will eat the shoes off your feet. I know I’ve received damage to gloves because they’re broken or severely damaged after a fight, but I don’t recall seeing a specific message about it.

does someone know from which mod does the tool tokens come from? (hammer token, crowbar token, etc) i thought it would be from the arcana mod or magiclysm, but i can seem to find them in there

Most likely something to do with Magiclysm, considering I found a handful of 'em in a magic academy.

… yep. /mods/Magiclysm/enchanted/enchanted_tokens.json

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Is there some setting I can change so that the game doesn’t spend ages simulating nearby monster movements/actions when sleeping/crafting/reading in their vicinity?
Currently I’ve bunkered up in a town houses’ basement and doing these things take ages IRL (I have a decent PC).

Another thing that has been bugging me, can I increase the amount of areas the game remembers me having explored so that they don’t go completely black again after I’ve explored other places?