Car engines

I just decided to try the car crafting system, read some tutorials about them and made a car, got and and…‘This car has no engine’ I put in a V8 engine I spawned in and removed it and used ANOTHER just to make sure, help please!

Just gave it a try and found your problem. Wishing for engines gives "0 liter " and because the size (0 in this case) is treated as a multiplier for it’s output (My guess anyway) it gives an engine with no output.

If you want to spawn engines you’ll have to spawn full cars to scrap for them.

Actually, I think there may actually be a bug in engines… Damn it.

Know any other cases of this or am I just the one to be unlucky?

Made an account just to say: I had this problem with a spawned V8 engine and a V8 engine I found. I attempted to change an engine with an already existing car that was completed.