Can't zoom in or out in Linux

Hi all,
no matter where I assign the keys, the game won’t zoom in and out in Linux.

OS: Manjaro
Terminal emulator: I’ve tried with both xTerm and urxvt and both don’t work

any tips? thanks a lot

If you’re using ASCII in a terminal, rather than tiles mode, then you zoom by adjusting the size of your terminal font.
I believe Xterm resizes on shift+keypad_plus or keypad_minus. It’s kind of a venerable old greybeard, but it’s super fast so I can see using it. I believe Rxvt uses the same keypress, to maintain backwards compatibility.

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Thanks a lot for your reply .
Im new to Linux and i thought it was a bug but actually it’s normal not to be zoomable like a tileset because it’s just ASCII terminal as you said. I’ll try those you mentioned later when I get home.

Merry Christmas and thanks a lot