Can't turn page in the inventory by pressing > key

I have been following up the experimental build, as for now I have is 8696, but yesterday, not sure since which version, I can no longer use angle bracket keys to browse the previous or next page in inventory.

I believe my keyboard is working fine, because I am still able to turn page in advanced inventory by using “>” key.

I have tried to download and unzip the game quite a lot of times, start new character, and the problem still persists.

Could someone please teach me what should I do?

I don’t use the pgup/pgdn function in Advanced Inventory that often, but you could try Tab and Backtab, seeing as how those keys replaced >/< in a lot of the other menus.

Never mind; I’m stupid. Forgot that Tab was the switch between menus.

I thought it was changed to use tab and shift+tab some time ago. Try those keys since I was playing last night and they worked. At least I’m pretty sure they worked, a lot of it is muscle memory for me by this point so I wasn’t consciously thinking about the key presses to navigate the inventory so there’s a slim chance I’m wrong.

“shift + tab” do bring me the previous page, whereas “tab” toggle a “category selection mode” here

But nevermind, at inventory interface I have found pressing ? to change keybinding for page up and down.