Can't navigate the main menu using ">" "<"

I’m having problems navigating the main menu. My numpad and arrow keys are working, but my “>” “<” doesn’t seem to work, which makes it so I can’t go back to previous pages when I’m creating a new world or a new character. “Page up” or “Page down” buttons doesnt work either.

I have tried with the game being in fullscreen, fullscreen max border, and custom resolution. Also tried resetting and redoing all the settings. Nothing seems to work.

I’ve googled a lot, and I can’t seem to find anyone with the same problem.

Am I stupid and missing something obvious?

Okay. Apparently when I hold shift and press tab, it navigates to the previous page. Guess that’s how you are supposed to navigate?

Yes and no. You use tab for most things and you use these <> for the modlist. Also tab is useful for combat if you hit tab you will melee any enemies in range (spears will do reach attacks).

Actually we just talked about this issue a few weeks ago. For me, < and > still work in (apparently?) all the menus it used to work on. But according to the forum, for many other people, it does not. No one ever explained why it works for some people and not others.

But yeah, tab and back-tab also work for navigation.

It got changed somewhere where the default was set to TAB instead of the <>. When your in the menu you want to change it for press ? and set the keybind for <> for menu navigation. Its not for some odd reason in the master keybinding list. Hope this helps :slight_smile: