How do I use the Inventory in Experimental?

I’ve been crawling the ruins of the Cataclysm for two years now, and a few hours ago I decided to make the jump to the experimental version. The improvements are phenomenal, but one thing is preventing me from taking my survivors to their full potential. When I’m examining a specific item in the inventory screen, how do I scroll up and down on the left screen? In previous versions, I found pressing the > key worked, but in the experimental, it only brings me back to the general inventory. I know it’s probably a user-error, but I can’t find an answer anywhere else. Thanks in advance for replying.

PgUp and PgDn maybe?

Sorry I’m away fir things and cant give a bette answer. :confused:

Hit ? while in inventory to check and bind keys.

Default looks to be Tab or > and Backtab or <

Haven’t heard of backtab before, but I assume it means Shift-Tab.

Ah, I’ll try this, thank you.

98% sure its Page Up and Page Down. Personally, that’s as close to 100% as I allow myself to get.