Cant store cans and some other items in my inventory

ok so every time I try to pick up any can with anything in it it wont let me, this seems to happen mostly when im encumbered but I ALWAYS have more space to fit things, it lets me either wield them or empty the contents onto the floor and then pocket the can, why is this happening? sorry if this is something really simple or im just being dumb but its really getting in the way of scavaging.

ty in advance to anyone who actually tries to help and sorry for the bother <3

At first I thought it was because your pockets aren’t large enough to accomodate the item, because even if you have 4 pockets with each 1L of volume for stuff and you having 4L of available space, you still cannot pocket a > 1L item due to it being bigger than your pockets, but then you mentioned it allowed you to store the cans but not when they’re filled, so I’m kinda confused at why you’re having this issue.

yeah empty cans seem to be ok, just tested it and i wasted some precious condensed milk for an empty tin can ;-; i also cleared some space in my bags so now i have more space and am less emcumbered but i still cant pick up any food
edit: also the same with a cardboard box of cereal, any container with food aparently

a gallon jug of vegetable oil is fine tho apparently
2 pots, a frying pan and a bunch of other non canned goods later and i still cant figure it out

What build are you running? I’m running 10771 and am not having any issues. Might have to do with the newer builds having a bug.

0.E-3407 I think
also I do have one can of evaporated milk in my inventory, i have no idea how it got in there while none of the others did but its there atleast

ok so ive figured it out. apparently people like to open cans of condensed milk and just leave them to rot, hence why I couldnt just pocket them I guess.
sorry for all the bother, ill pay more attention when picking up stuff in the future, and thanks for the help <3

wtf is a migo and how do I not immediately die to it?

In the most basic summary it’s an alien and it’s better not to tango with them until you have a ranged option or a lot of armour. You don’t really need to completely kill it, it’ll flee once its health gets low enough.

Regular mi-go: shoot it.
Mi-go slaver: shoot it from afar.
Mi-go scout: shoot it from super afar.
If you don’t have shooty things: run away as soon as you see one.

Also, IIRC, they don’t know how to open doors so you may try losing them in towns. Or luring zombies onto them.

@GiggleGrassGatherer @MutaMan ty, ill try that stuff next time, guess I could have lured them into a house and snuck past them or something :woman_shrugging: oh well

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