Can't Refit Survival Suit

I’m currently trying to make the Survivor Suit because of how overpowered it is, but none of the recipes (regular or XL) would fit my character. I don’t understand why either.

The character I have right now started with XXXL, but I’ve managed to drop my weight to normal. I also have a long tail mutation because I started off as an unwilling mutant, and it sounded interesting. Although, I’m only aware of the fact that it prevents me from wearing non-fabric equipment (which the suit is made of leather and kevlar, so I should be able to wear it).

Am I missing something? Or is it just a bug in the crafting menu?

Also, another question; I forgot to add Simple Nutrition to my world before making it, and I’ve developed a Vitamin A deficiency. However, I’ve chugged upwards of 10 multivitamins in a day, and it still hasn’t gone away. Is it a bug? Should I be worried about it?

Other mutation must be the problem

Also vitamins need to work through your system, they don’t instantly take effect.

Vitamin deficiency doesn’t do anything right now so you don’t really need to worry about it.