PSA broken non-drink liquids

TL;DR: If you are on builds 8612- 8616 I would recommend avoiding moving non-drink liquids between containers (includes refueling).

Fixes are coming.

So the temperature update had some unforeseen results for non-drink items.
Thse items shouldn’t even be covered by the temperature system. But the old temperature system could be applied to unintended items without errors and I didn’t spot all the places where this happened.

On builds 8612-8615 when you move non-drink liquids from from one container to another you will get errors. If you ignore the errors the game will continue normally but the resulting liquid can have properties it shouldn’t have. Especially if the temperature was below freezing the result can be more or less bugged frozen liquid. It won’t even show being frozen in most cases but you can’t unload the contents and it will not work as fuel in car.

I do not know if the non-drink liquids that has gone through the above will cause issues later. They have thermal properties that they should not have but those properties shouldn’t do anything (except being frozen). Maybe when stacking they could do funny things. If in future you get issues with non-drink liquids that have been moved between containers in builds 8612- 8616 you may need to drop them and spawn new ones with debug menu. (since the frozen ones can’t be unloaded you will need to remove frozen gasoline tanks from cars and install new tanks)

This was fixed. And the first attempt to fix broke other things.

Build 8616 won’t set the temperature of non-drink liquids anymore but now the non-drink liquids do not stack in a container. So if you put 12 liters of gasoline in a jerrycan you will instead get 3x4 l stacks of gasoline in the jerrycan. And if you try to refuel car with them the car will get 4 liters of gasoline and rest will disappear (I think they disappear. At least the UI won’t show them). This is not nice.

Jesus here I was feeling bad about not updating yet. Losing that much fuel would suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

New fix is up, by the way

Fixes not yet included in 8617.

A weird thing for me, I got the crash prompt but told it to ignore the errors and it worked. I eventually got it to load up, but the diesel was listed as frozen. However, I was an idiot and loaded diesel into a gasoline engine so it didn’t start up, but I think it will still work.

Non-drink liquids should now be no longer bugged. So builds after 8619 are safe.

If you handled fuel in the 8612-8615 you may have bugged fuel. In containers it can not be unloaded and if put into a vehicle it will show as frozen. You can use these liquids for crafting (probably) but I would recommend throwing them away.

If you have fuel stacks in a container from builds 8616-8618 you should be able to unload them to new containers to fix them. If the stacks are in car tank you need to remove the tank before unloading it.

If you have a tank in a vehicle that shows that it contains 0 liters of gasoline/diesel/… it has these stacks in it. Remove it and unload to new container.

There is also a crash related to liquids. I hope that also got fixed. But I have not been able to reproduce it so I can’t confirm that.

Cooking recipes that produce food in containers (jar/can/vacuum bag) and recipes that heat food and produce non-food items too (cooked cattail) will still throw some errors but those are relatively safe to ignore. You will just get items that don’t stack with other items. (at least I believe it is safe. I would recommend avoiding doing that).
Fix for this is waiting to get in.

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The bugs should be now fixed.

Harvesting sap may still produce sap that is way too cold. But I couldn’t get sap harvesting to happen so I didn’t touch it.