Who's idea was it to make it so you can only change tabs with... tab?

I have no body for this.


What tabs are you talking about? You can use < and > to navigate the crafting tabs, at least. I couldn’t really think of any other tabs.

Only tabs I’m aware of that can’t use < and > is the modlist section on world creation.

EDIT: Also, shift-tab moves the opposite direction of tab, so it’s perfectly navigable.

I’m am using the latest experimental and for some reason I can only change tabs with the tab button (tab for forward shift+tab for backwards)

I think character creation screens are all gibbled now, no > or< to move between. To back up is shift+tab

I was out of date and didn’t know it. Just updated to the newest experimental expecting that I’d made an ass out of myself.

BUT, I can still use < and >, including on the character creation screens.

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Noticed this change recently.
It takes some getting used to but is more logical.
I mean, it’s what the tab key is for…

It was frustrating at first but I got used to it pretty quickly.

Also you can remap keys in ? menu.

I’m still confused as to why it doesn’t work for you guys but it works for me. < and > still work for me.

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Can anyone confirm if we can swap key binds for this? I use tab for other features and would really screw stuff up for me =/

Worst change since about… ever? Shift+tab is about as fun to press as shift+} or something. There’s a reason I can’t name a single game that uses shit+tab as a default hotkey.

The sheer frustration of going through menus is real.


BACKTAB is used in most software to move backwards between tabs.

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Still sucks. I’ve tried it and had the fun of changing every friggin screen to revert this pointless annoying change.

Nobody uses backtabs unless you code. Seriously ask anyone even if they know what it is.

Not it is not pointless and it is not annoying. It was aimed to make key consistent in between various screens. Also you get used to it just like you get used to any other key combination.

Not likely. It made more sense on the board to keep things separate. Shlogging together everything onto 1 tab makes it less intuitive and pointless in making it less intuitive.

Having main directories move with directionals <> and sub-categories with tab/backtab makes more sense. Especially if you are new.

Having 1 button is something I’d expect similar to this:

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But we don’t have one button - there are TAB and BACKTAB.