Can't Leave Vehicle Without Pain

Its summer in my game, 89 degree’s F, whether I take off all of the clothing that adds warmth, or get full coverage from the sun, even if its cloudy, or raining, no matter where I currently step outside my vehicle, my character gets hot enough to be considered scorching, as if he is walking into a blazing inferno, so he’s not been able to leave his vehicle, this started 2 game days ago, does anyone know why?

Irl it would be because bare feet on pavement, but I haven’t had a similar problem crop up yet with my own survivors. What build are you using? I don’t have answers but it should help others in testing.

Version 0.A, I’ve tested both barefoot, and not barefoot and I get the same effects.

the bare feet was just a joke comment, my bad. I grew up with a lot of barefoot days where asphalt was basically like walking on lava. if you’re using the last stable build, it might well have been addressed since then. Weather’s had a huge variety of overhauls since.

It’s 0.A? Maybe you should try the experimentals and see if this is fixed.

[quote=“StopSignal, post:5, topic:7871”]It’s 0.A? Maybe you should try the experimentals and see if this is fixed.[/quote]Besides, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Did you drink a lot of coffee, especially atomic coffee?

My guy’s drank alot of hot coffee over several days, and it cools down before it runs out, would that cause it? I’ve not atomic coffee maker. I do have plutonium cells in my vehicle, but the burning happens outside of the vehicle.

Coffee reduces your fatigue.
Fatigue reduces your body heat. In 0.B and experimentals it is capped at 0 fatigue, in 0.A it is not, so you can gain huge amount of body heat from coffee.

Thank you for that last reply, my character had been staying awake for over a week with coffee, and I made him stop drinking completely, just water and tea instead, and now his heat problems when leaving the care are going away.

go to ice lab i need to wait here for 3 seasons because my armor is too warm

Where’d you get enough coffee for that?

Atomic coffee adds a LOT of negative fatigue. Single bag of coffee powder (20) can be split into 100 units of coffee syrup, which then can be turned into 100 units of atomic coffee.

Each unit of atomic coffee gives you 300 units of negative fatigue.
Each unit of fatigue drains 1.5 points of heat. For comparison, each unit of clothing warmth gives about 45 points of warmth (actually 30 to 60 points, depending on how hot/cold are you at the moment).
This means that a single atomic coffee gives you about as much warmth as adding a 10 warmth clothing to entire body.
“Tired” is 191 fatigue, “Dead tired” is 383 fatigue, “Exhausted” is 575. Two atomic coffees are enough to make you fully awake from being exhausted.

This extra heat only happens in old stable. In new stable and in experimental you can only lose heat from being exhausted, never gain it. I think you still can be anti-exhausted and thus prevented from sleeping for few years if you overdose on coffee.

I want that atomic coffee irl!