Can't install 2nd engine even though I have everything required

If it’s a bug, is there a way of getting around it with some file editing?

Going to need a bit more information than that to help out, what engine is it, whats your current stats, status, and mechanics skill?

Just a slightly better engine, no matter what I press it won’t install.

Just did a quick test using debug.
Even though it says 4 skill in mechanics, in 0.5 the UI doesn’t change when adding more and more engines, so it’s lying to you.
Looks like you’ve found a bug, you’re going to need something like 12? mechanics skill, I don’t remember exactly.

Yeah, that’s what it was.

It seems like the text doesn’t wrap around. At the end of the sentence, it reads “YoWest”, where it probably meant to wrap around and tell you “You need level 12 blah blah”.

First thought, not enough skill in mechanics. You certainly need more than 4 for a second engine iirc.

Yeah, probably. I don’t know if that’s a bug, or just my end.

That’s how it is. The word wrap is screwed on more then a few of the windows.