.6 car problems

Hi everybody, a longtime lurker and player here, sry for my first post being a noobish question but here goes:

I’m trying to set up my mobile base/zombie mincer and for some reason I can’t install an electric motor with an existing gasoline engine, is that a bug or they aren’t compatible anymore (since I remember that i managed to do it in .4 i think), I have all the materials with mechanics 8 so I’m guessing it needs to be higher but i can’t find it on the wiki nor am I getting any prompts. Any help appreciated!

I believe you need at least level 12 mechanics to install multiple engines on a vehicle.

If you need more mechanics, just dissemble cars and beef up yours, or heck, beef up a random car if you don’t want yours big.

Friend of mine got mechanics 5 or 6, basically by the first time he got his welder and hacksaw and started working on his car, and mine was up to 23 before I updated (integrated tools are ridiculous for this purpose).