Grrr How do I go FULLSCREEN!?

I’m getting really frustrated with this new version. The options replaces the width and height meter with a simple “Fullscreen” meter, that I turned on and restarted the game, and it doesnt even work? Its sooooo annoying to play in windowed mode.

Some versions work, some versions don’t work. That is the fullscreen for me. At least.

Are you using a working version? If so what is it?

Have you checked if you are running an SDL/Tiles version of the game? You can only go fullscreen and have mouse look and movement there.

0.A full screen works, I’ve used it. I’m pretty sure the current experimental works too, i’m using one from a week ago and it’s full screen works too.

If you switch to full screen and when you try to start the game nothing happens then you have the TERMINAL_X or TERMINAL_Y variable set higher than your monitor can support. Go into config.txt and change them to half their current value, then slowly bump them up until you have the entire screen filled without going over.