Can't find pocket watches or clocks ... where?

Anyone know where to find them? I can’t find any. I need them to get clockworks to make keys so I can build lockers. This shouldn’t be such a harder thing to find, and you don’t get locks and keys from dismantling lockers for some reason!

Try the item locator (needs a modern browser and may take a while to load). It does not state where exactly they can be found (for example: “bedroom drawer”), but it lists overmap tiles where there’s a chance to get one (and lists the chance as well).

Also, Zombies drop them sometimes, as well as gold-/fancy-/platinum watches which also contain clockworks.

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Pocket watches should be rare because I’ve met maybe 4 people in my entire life who use pocket watches.

As for clocks, yeah. I don’t know. Someone definitely needs to replace in-vehicle clocks with a clock item rather than the wristwatch. I get why it was that way, but it should be changed.

Some of the pricier watches probably give clockworks, I know the gold ones do.

Neither gold nor silver watches seem to, they just give me gold and silver. Thanks I’ll look at the item browser.

Silver watches don’t give clockworks, but a gold watch definitely should. I’ve just checked the game code to make sure.