Can't find hackpro in SD cards

I have collected every SD cards I come across.

But when I read the cards with an e-ink tablet pc, none of the card is HackPro :frowning:

Is this the right way to find HackPro?

Unless they changedthings. the memory unit says what it is in. Though I test older versions and I could be wrong. Plus I was not aware they do anything.

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Aren’t hackpros in USBs not SD ?

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Hack pro is on USB, and it’s going to say so in the name

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Put hackpro in your autopickup. It can appear seemingly anywhere, so unless you religiously search every garbage can, you might miss it. The keyword * hackpro* hits on only hackpro.

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I would also add it to the high-priority (+) filter in the (V) items-and-monsters view mode. That way you get it bumped up to the top of the list and highlighted yellow when you’re looking around.


Thanks for the suggestions. I will try my luck in the next Lab that I found.

Never found hackpro in a lab – only in houses, street sweepers, garbage dumps, in a pile of vodka bottles on a rooftop, and the like. It might be in labs too, seems pretty random and widespread. Good luck!

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