How to use a laptop/Ink Tablet, cameras

I have a camera, an E-Ink tablet, several cards with software on them, a memory card, and Computers 3. I still can’t seem to load the software onto the E-Ink or take photographs that can be transferred to the tablet. When I (a)ctivate the Tablet, it opens up a menu of options, but all of them are greyed out and it says I don’t have any appropriate cards to do that with.

Could someone walk me through a step by step of the processes?

What version are you running? As far as I can tell in order to load anything onto the tablet you need a non empty sd-card and said tablet needs to have a battery charge.

0.7081 is the last version I had that still works on my OSX. I have a HackPro SD and batteries in the Tablet.

Hackpro is only on usb sticks. The tablet is only for sd cards. With that said nice as the hackpro usb will allow you to once you get the skill to make the remote control laptop.

So what do I need to read USBs?

Usb sticks cannot be read they are currently used for the following (fetch quests, crafting, salvaging and maybe used to interact with the few working computers out in the world unless this is also only related to quests).


So what about using the camera and tablet?

Well you’ll need the following. A camera, sd-card(empty), the e-link and finally batteries for both. (A)ctivate the battery filled camera to use it to take a picture of something I think it should then bring up a menu of where you want to store it. You should be able to figure the rest out.

So you can use programs now with tablets, laptops etc?

Do the MedSoft or any other programs actually do stuff?

HackPRO is a crafting ingredient for the Control Laptop, as DeWolf said. MediSoft isn’t used to craft anything that I am aware of.
edit: Just noticed the date. You probably figured it out already. Wonder why this popped up in my list if the last post was from July. Huh.

Actually I was to busy dying in my game to test new crap lol

Figures. I just tricked out my rifle for a masterkey and a crossbow and I get killed by a lab turret >_<

But thanks for the update info =)