Can't craft telescopic sight mods

The in progress crafting item eats up all the high-quality lenses, it shows that 5 high-quality lenses are in use (went up to even 10), but when I try to craft the item, it says the high-quality lens is missing and when it prompts me to ask whether to craft it, that’s the moment when it eats more lenses. Build 9271.

EDIT: So, the components required for the telescopic sights for both the pistol and rifle telescopic sight mods show at the time (both recipes are identical):
2 high-quality lenses of 2
1 small high-quality lens OR 1 high-quality lens of 2

When I try to craft these mods, it eats up 3 lenses initially.

Just to clarify, if you only have the high quality ones, you need 3 of them total, if you have both kind of lenses, it will ask which to use for the second part

Okay, thanks. But still, it doesn’t craft properly.