Stairs Going Down

Whenever I enter a basement it takes me to a randomly generated cavern one random map tile away from the intended destination. I end up having to jackhammer my way to the proper floor.

Same thing seems to happen in Strange Temples too.

Edit: It seems that whenever you enter a single-floor underground area using stair; the area around it is turned into randomly generated caverns with items and enemies in it. Have yet to test with labs, LMOE shelters, and bunkers.

Edit2: LMOE shelters seem to work fine; the caverns are still generated but you still properly appear on the stairs. The caverns seem to be generated endlessly. They all have a stairs up which leads to the surface but no way to come back down.

The Z level system has been broken since the beginning of time, just like NPC’s.
I assume it is on the back burner simply because it is too hard to fix.

Actually this particular error sounds completely new. There is an issue where you can end up at an unexpected location, but this sounds like it’s something else. I’ll mess around and see if I can reproduce it.

I do recall having this error much earlier version of the game, perhaps recent changes have sparked it back into life?