Can zombie hordes be thinned/eradicated?

Playing the latest build, 1320, and ran into a horde. Dear god those are nasty, also the new bloated zombies that spew toxic gas everywhere are a pain in the ass (the good kind). So I was wondering, do hordes have a set number of zombies in their pack? Can you eventually take out one? In addition, whatever the code is to visualize hordes makes the map view slow as all hell.

Anyways, that was a fun death.

Destroying hordes is possible, but most have something nearing 800 zombies so its gonna take you a while and you are up to a very big battle (also you wont be able to pulp all the corpses on time so be ready to kill most zombies upwards to 3 times)

800 zombies?! Well, that explains A LOT.

Start a body bonfire and let the zombies kill themselves ;D Just make sure you don’t trap yourself.

That’s odd. I encountered a “horde” on 1323 and barely noticed it… seldom more than three or four zombies in visual range. I could have probably gone all the way through the horde-occupied regions without fighting if I’d wanted to. Is this a glitch?

it’s just like dynamic spawn, sometimes you can get by without a lot spawning, sometimes they really pile on.
If people stop flooding me with PRs I can maybe get back to working on static hordes.

I noticed that the last time I had a “manageable” horde (~140 or so from a single-crossroad town) it refused to drop below 5 members. Certainly spawned more than that at a time, and I was pulping corpses.

Might have just been Dynamic Spawn generally, though.

Glad I’m not alone, thanks for the replies guys. 800 zombies… wowzas

Great for if you want to get your kill count real high.

oh yea, forgot one detail, hordes override the limiter on number of zombies spawned at once, no idea why.