Do horde Zs still spawn indoors?

Thinking of starting a new playthrough with hordes for a change. But I really dislike horde Zs spawning inside of fortified locations. Has that gotten patched out, or is that still a thing I’ll have to factor into my decision?

As far as I know, not only do they still do that, that’s a large part of the reason hordes are no longer the default option.

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I’ve got about 170 game-days of playtime on my current two survivors, both in worlds with hordes and both with static bases. I think I’ve had an NPC spawn inside one base but no hordes so far.

I’d go ahead and try hordes.

I might try hordes. Mostly because I need more things to kill.
My character can also roar loud enough to attract a horde, so that’ll be fun. Imagine a giant beast screaming to the sky to challenge the many zombies, having those undead bastards charge at him to fight him only to get torn apart by a maelstrom of bullets and claws.

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