How to deal with hordes?

So, yeah, I started playing with dynamic spawn on, and I’m getting tired of having a few zombies wandering in and smashing my car’s headlight when I craft. They’re not a challenge anymore, they’re a bother. Is it possible to turn them off mid-game? Otherwise, what’s the best way to deal with them? Turrets to deal with them?

Posts like this is why I DON’T play with hordes.

Hordes should be something that wanders around the overland map on their own inscrutable purpose, not a magic annoyance when you sneeze (theoretically, it’s better than it used to be on that point).

Hm hordes don t do that for me.

I don t know. The place a recently set up camp in. A smal crossroad between 2 citys.
There havent been any zombies to my place within the las 200 days.

Just don t do dynamic spawn i guess?
Leave it on static.

dont camp near cities or areas zombies will spawn from.

prisons, home depots, cities

all will spawn hordes of finite numbers that will eventually find you

to deal

-leave am area before they spawn. theyll go away.
-craft with the car engine on. and the lights.

  • install aisle lights on the car, next to or on the wheels. do you can see them come.
    -Try to kill most of them before you craft. cooking meat while standing outside the car is my thing.
    -accept hordes are a risk. and while you may be a god your car isnt. home security is a real concern.

Run them over, butcher thier bodies. Go out in the wilds and craft. Moose and bears are less annoying. Although they are waaaay more common the game compared to real life and also waaay more aggressive.

Yeah, hordes can get to be a chore, especially when most of the “hordes” running around are just one or two zombies. I’d greatly prefer “two hordes” with a hundred zombies than two hundred hordes all independently wandering around the area until they stumble across your camp, but once I’ve established yourself static can feel a little too “safe” for me.

Here’s a few ways I use:

“Stay out of town.”

Generally anything that spawns in the wilderness is content to loiter outside your vehicle without breaking anything until you’re ready to kill them.

Great places to stick around are anthills or beehives. They will swarm around your vehicle harmlessly, killing (or at least distracting) anything else that comes near.

“Craft outside your car.”

If you have a counter-attack martial art (Fencing is a good one), just craft away from your car. You should be far beyond caring about cold weather or rain given how mild weather is, and any zombies that show up will kill themselves for you.

“Redesign your car.”

Zombies generally only bash vehicle parts that get in their way, and mostly only approach you if they can see you. If you have a vehicle with no quarterpanels they’ll just clamber over the frame/cargo spaces to reach you without breaking your stuff (and then you counter them to death, as above).

Otherwise, if you have a completely opaque area that zombies can’t see into, you can sit inside it and get your craft on. It’s not perfect, but vehicle curtains are easy to make, and they double for dealing with turrets.

Why are you guys using static/dynamic when talking about hordes?

The options do nothing to hordes.

You turn hordes on or off.

static typically refers to the lack of hordes despite it being possible to have both on. i do

I think the OP is using dynamic spawn rather than hordes, and that’s the bothering thing. They are world options though, so no way to reset AFAIK!

I think you might be able to reset these values by editing the save game files manually. But I have no idea what happens then. Some options work fine, but the spawns are mentioned as not working fine. So I don’t know. Somebody should test it (*), document it, and tell us.

*: and test it well!