Cannot craft vehicle welding rig

For some reasons whatever i do my welder gonna end up brown in component display. I got two of them. And two makeshift welders. Nothing helps, game won’t let me craft that rig.
Version 3f76ea9

Put one welder somewhere else. Does the welder you’re using to craft it have battery?

Doesn’t help. Yes, of course it has battery.

Version b732742 - the bug is still here.


I, too, have encountered this bug in the latest experimental (as well as earlier ones).

A temporary fix is to delete either the regular or the makeshift welder from the tools list in the recipe_electronics.json, and use that variety as component when you craft. Of course, the downside to this is that you need both a makeshift welder and a regular one…

This also seems to suggest that the problem stems from welders both being components and tools requiring charge.

Tested the fix with two welders (one charged, one empty), worked fine in merge-testing. ???

Further testing shows that two welders do, indeed, work. As does three makeshift welders.

One welder and two makeshift welders, however, does not work. Nor does one welder and one makeshift (with the makeshift one being the charged one).

Two welders and three makeshift welders also work.

It would seem that you need one more than the recipe requires of any and all welder variations you have at hand, which is rather a different bug than it seemed to be.

I have 2 normal, one of them is charged, and two empty makeshifts. Do i need to charge both normals to be able to craft, using makeshifts as components?

No, it’s enough if one of the welders, makeshift or regular, has a charge. You could even use the same welder as the one you’re putting in the welding rig.

The only thing that matters is that you have enough welders of one kind to be both tool and component to be allowed to craft it.

The bug seems to be more specific than we first thought;
You are only allowed to craft the welding rig if you would be able to do so without mixing makeshift welders and regular welders.
You need to have at least two welders or three makeshift welders for the recipe to count as valid.

But i did had enough. I’m 100% sure, cause i crafted makeshifts after realizing i can’t go with 2 normals. Now it’s working just as you outlined - two normals or three makeshifts. Thanks to the folks who made a fix.