Can not remove items from vehicle containers

Playing a save I’ve had for a while that i just updated to version 5b358fd (experimental build 2018) and I am unable to remove items from vehicle based containers. I am using the windows tiles version and this seems to be a problem regardless of what vehicle I try to obtain items out of. The get items option shows up but upon selecting it nothing actually happens.

Edit: Went back and checked, this problem is not present in version 2e4e87d (build 2015) but IS a problem in version 2d39bf8 (build 2016).

Apparently although I can not use normal pick up commands to get items out of vehicles, advanced inventory management will allow me to obtain the items. Using that to bypass this bug for the time being.

This should be fixed in the latest builds, got a fix up for it last night.

Still a problem in a1e53c5, pickup window shows up, but still can’t pickup stuff from vehicle (returns examine message and does not execute/start pickup action).

Fix is fixed and should be working as of build 2027.