0C-11272-gb46e4cc ; Can't pick up # items

Picking up a designated number of items from a stack seems to have broken in a recent update. Regardless of the number you request it picks up the whole stack. Dropping a designated number works as usual, however.

Odd, I just did that to test something and it works as usual, can you give a step-by step list of instructions to make it fail?

Walk up next to a stack of ammo, drugs, etc.

e + direction
type “5” then right arrow to select 5 from a stack (stack will be marked # as usual)
enter for done
you get the entire stack, not just 5

Works from the “,” pickup menu standing directly on top of the stack too.

  • On further testing this seems to be caused by a (shipped) mod. I’ll trial and error till I find which one it is.

Tested with all mods one-by-one, then all together again and I can’t replicate it on a newly genned world. This seems to have been a version update glitch (I continued a save from a version maybe two updates earlier). Sorry for the false alarm.

replicated this same problem with an older save updated to .C-11316-g6b7fce1