Can "ignore" be a little smarter?

I’m raiding a town, about to clean a window I broke, and see a zombie. SAFE MODE!. What I’d like to do is keep an eye on that zombie as I clean the window, and stop my task when it gets close to me.

Unfortunately, if I ignore now, my character will mindlessly carry on cleaning that window until the zombie bites his face. Can the behavior here be improved?

I think that if you make safe mode trigger at something like 3 tiles it may boot you out of window repair, but dont trust me on that

The trigger for stopping an activity when you’re hit should really be changed to stopping when you’re about to be hit. If your character can see a zombie, s/he should be able to recognize when it’s about to chew on his/her face.

Perhaps it could be a calculation that depends on the nature of your activity (how loud is it, how much of your attention it takes), your perception, how noisey the enemy is, whether or not you were already aware of that enemy, and your visibility.