Option to Remove Interrupts Other Than Damage?

Possible to put in an option to remove interrupts for things other than damage? Damage as in your hitpoints are dropping? It’s kind of annoying to keep getting interrupted by the packs of dogs following me around when I’m butchering/smashing/crafting.

Does it say, “Monster spotted–safe mode is on!”?
If so do what it says and hit “!” to turn it off.

No, it’s mostly caused by wild dogs. They tend to roam around you, hesitant to approach but not going away. Sometimes they wander too close and set off the “Monster dangerously close!” alert. When you’re doing something time-consuming, the “sometimes” tends to happen way too often.

Yes that’s correct, it’s not the safemode alarm. It’s something more narrow relating to point blank danger. Usually not a problem but can be annoying when dogs swarming around you.

There ought to be a check somewhere to see if the ‘monsters’ are hostile before triggering an interrupt.

[quote=“halberdsturgeon, post:5, topic:5557”]There ought to be a check somewhere to see if the ‘monsters’ are hostile before triggering an interrupt.[/quote]It does check, except it does so for both Hostile! and Tracking critters, and the wandering dogs around you are all set to the latter. There doesn’t seem to be a behavior tag for following the player without the intent to kill.

It would help, if there was type of the creature in the message… instead of “Monster is dangerously close.” there should be “Dog is dangerously close.” or "Zombear is dangerously close."
Original message is just too generic to make a decision, if I want to interrupt my work or not.

aah that. I was wondering if that would cause problems like this, but haven’t heard any complaints. I think I’ll pull it out entirely.

No, it’s quite useful in normal circumstances, it’s just that some creatures are following you without attacking, and whenever they are too close when you’re doing something, they trip the alert. I think just removing the check for tracking creatures would be a sufficient alteration.

It’s a useful feature, but it needs to be more distinct in what it warns you about. The ‘warning, monster is close’ message procs off of harmless critters, such as normal sized spiders, and freaking shrews. So annoying, bah.

Yes, it is useful to have. Just stop it from interrupting you unless whatever’s nearby is hostile to you.

Speaking personally, most of the hostile things interuptting me pose no threat. If a zombie is attacking and your melee skill 12, I would rather continue butchering, have the zombie love tap your helmet, automically stop butchering, allow you to stave in its skull, and continue butchering. 2 key strokes to solve the situation, rather than YES I want to stop, walk over to offending zombie, stave in its skull, walk back, continue butchering.

That’s why I favor removing it entirely, or at least having an option to do so.

Just making it for actively hostile rather than tracking would be an improvement though.

A menu to toggle warnings would be nice but that would involve more coding. Shift+O is free I think.

Toggle warnings for:
-tracking critters
-hostile critters
-heard sound
-really step into that smoke?
-really step into that acid?
-really step into that spark?
and so on

Craft in peace knowing that the dog scratching your van can’t get to you.

Ok, pulling tracking seems reasonable.