Damage Safemode

Make some type of screen flash, literally any kind of immediately visible reaction for taking damage, PLEASE. At least make it an option to pause when you take damage, or some kind of safemode with damage rather than having an enemy on screen.

I have poor eyesight (Edit: I mean me as a person, not my toon), and I’ve died unfairly twice today because I was walking along the road, and by the time I realized the moose was on my ass and dealing damage I had 132 pain and was already dead. There isn’t really anything I can do in this situation except savescum because I feel like I was cheated out of my character, and could have taken the creature had I realized it was dealing damage before a load of ticks passed and it killed me.

I understand safemode exists, but it triggers off anything, something that could be miles away and not an immediate threat in the slightest. It makes it inconvenient to pause and unpause over and over for things the game tags as hostile, and it ruins the flow of the game.

A type of safemode that pauses the game when you take damage, a visable screen flash or something would be able to fix this and ease my pain, and the pain of others who have the same issues.

I’m not disagreeing with you, some kind of alert that you’re taking damage would be nice. But an interim option for you may be setting your Safemode Proximity Distance on the General options tab to 10 or something similar may be a good choice. I have mine set to 25 bc I don’t want to get interrupted bc a dog came into view on the horizon.

10 would give you warning of imminent threats without hassling you about things you can see on the compass.

Do you use scrolling combat text? It makes damage taken pretty hard to ignore.

Just a better system of alert (rather a more consistent one where you tell me that moose is coming within yay many tiles) wouod suffice imo.

my gripe is when the game tells me about the brute 50 tiles away but not the zom 20 tiles away and then progresses time 5 minutes to when that regular zoms were able to smashy windows.

esp dangerous when hallucinations

I wholeheartedly agree. I also get annoyed by the game’s need to alert you numerous times about the same monster, when you’re literally waiting for it to get close so you can hit it. Why do I need to get alerted about that one zombie dog 3 times?

Like @Malkeus said, you can set your safemode proximity distance to a very low number like 3 or something, so you only get notified when shit is really about to go down. Without long-range alerts you should probably get used to looking at the compass UI every few tiles, just to make sure everything is alright. Or play in fullscreen mode, so you can see everything around you / further away.

I use safemode with range like 1 to kind of counter this problem, but safe mode could imo made to trigger when you take damage.

Not really seeing point having option for it to trigger only on damage (people would start to ask option for every small thing a.k.a. fully customizable triggers).