Can I siphon tanks? if so, how?

I’ve found a few wrecks with a small amount of fuel in them.

I want to combine it all into a single tank.

Is it possible?

As of a recent update, yes. You need a rubber hose, the option should be in the vehicle modification menu. Hover over the tank and hit the appropriate key listed at the top.

how recent? I downloaded the mac binary less than a week ago, am I likely to have this feature?

As in either 0.6 or possibly 0.5, can’t remember which.

Basically if you examine a vehicle and one of the options at the top is siphon, then yes, you can do it, providing you have the tools.

I should point out though that the amount of gas you generally get is pretty piddly. A few percent of the tank will generally get you across town and not much further, if you’re lucky.

Of course if you siphon a few percent of a semi truck tank and then put that in a motorbike, you will probably go a bit further.

If you go to the MOTD (message of the day) tab on the main menu, but hitting after you start you will see what version you have. Usually it is some long string of numbers and letters IIRC. Copy that onto the forums and we will be able to help you more.